it was raining for 3 days without stopping (Assiatou)

In August 2019, there had been a bad storm in my country called Guinea Conakry .

it was raining for 3 days without stopping, the mountains were falling, the animals were dying, the people were suffering, because the water entered their homes.   There were people  who had lost their children who were drowned in rivers near them.

One day I called a friend in our village.  I heard the people wondering how they had done last night. They were afraid to sleep at night so that the water would not kill them.

These were really catastrophic days. There was a mountain that had fallen into the highway.  Cars and trucks had remained stuck for 24 hours without being able to pass.  All the goods transported in town (condiments and vegetables) were all spoiled.


2 thoughts on “it was raining for 3 days without stopping (Assiatou)

  • Fatima

    I’m so sorry for what happened in your country. I hope the government takes the great measures to save people’s life in this kind of situation in the future.

  • Maryoreht

    This is terrible and bad
    I’m so sorry for this situation, in your country, I hope you are better after that!

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