I would take $20 of his money as well as the pack of cigarettes (Fatoumata)

Hi Sasha,

I was amazed to watch your story.  I admit that there are many lessons to be learned.  I would like to congratulate you above all and also ask you some questions.  How easy is it to quit smoking?  How often does a smoker worry about the impact of cigarettes on their health?  What was the trigger for your love for cigarettes?

I can imagine how difficult it was at the first time because it was a habit and you can’t quit easily. But you need to stay far from smokers now and also do some physical exercises to maintain your wellness.

I would also like to share my story with you.

I met a smoker to whom I have repeatedly told to give up smoking, but nothing changed.  So one day, I made him understand that each time I discovered a pack of cigarettes in his pockets, I would take $20 of his money as well as the pack of cigarettes.  I have done this several times.  Some times I sold him the package at 2 times the normal price.

I think he is very close to quitting because there is certainly the advice I give him, but the most important thing is the will to give up smoking!!




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