Soap opera is a serial about love and relationships between people. (Iuliia)

Do you know what a soap opera is?
Soap opera is a serial about love and relationships between people.
Have you ever watched one?
No, I have not.
What was it about?
I have never watched a soap opera.
Do you know what a script is?
Script is a text that explains all events and dialogues between people in the movie.
What do you know about Asthma?
Asthma is a dangerous disease when people can’t breathe.

2. “Good question!” part was the easiest for me. May be because it was the last exercise. “What Can You Do?” is easy too. All exercises were not hard. My weaker skills in English are a limited vocabulary and trouble understanding.

3. Who are the characters?
Mario is a guy who wants to be a good father even in the serial. Angela is Mario’s girlfriend who wants to be with him, but she needs to receive her parental consent for it. Maria is Mario’s friend who wants to be his girlfriend, but is failing in love with a doctor. Mario’s son, he has an asthma disease. Director – she wants to get finish episode with an actor who wants to be a good father.
Nurse – she probably loves a doctor. Doctor – he is flirting with Maria instead making his job.

What were their main problems?
In this funny movie we can see that all actors in the soap are being dramatic. Mario tries to care of his son like if it would be his real son, he wants people know more information about asthma.  And because of that director can’t finish to make the serial.

How did the characters solve the problems?
Director accepts actor’s opinion and finds  consultants for asthma dIcease. As a result, the actors are satisfied and the film is finished.


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