Mario didn’t know about asthma and his baby has asthma. (Luz)

Do you know what a soap opera is? 
Yes, I do. It’s a tv or radio serial with everyday situations about the real-life or based in a famous novel, in some part of the History, or some cases is a fiction story, alls full of many romantics, sentimental and actions scenes. 
Have you ever watched one? 
Yes, I have watched a lot of soap operas with my grandma, mom, and husband.
What was it about? 
At this moment, I remember a historical soap opera, the white slave, it’s about slavery in times of the Spanish conquest in Colombia.
Do you know what a script is?
Yes, the script is the text that the actors must learn for then say it during de filming scene.
What do you know about Asthma?
Something general… A chronic disease that attacks the lungs, with difficulty breathing.
All the exercises were easy because I like to watch tv and movies in English and that helps me to work in reading (with the subtitles) and hearing (without subtitles).  My Stronger is reading comprehension in English, and my weaker is maybe writing since my own words, I know that I need to improve my grammar and vocabulary.
Who are the characters?
Mario, the director, Angela, senior citizen, little Boy, young woman, Maria, assistant camera, the doctor and the nurse. 
What were their main problems?
Mario didn’t know about asthma and his baby has asthma.
Otherwise, Mario lost his wife in a car accident.
How did the characters solve the problems?
The director called the experts to explain to Mario about asthma. Mario found love finally with Maria.
Now I learned a little more about asthma and the triggers like pollution, cold air, some medicines, cockroaches, some substances in the air like pollen, dust. Strong emotions too, that is incredible but true. 
Each person develops a different kind of allergy and not all the days the asthma patients have the symptoms but they all the time must carry on their inhalers.

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