The doctor fell in love with Mario’s ex-girlfriend . (Fatoumata)

Do you know what a soap opera is?
Yes I do.
Have you ever watched one?
Yes, I watched it several times.
What was it about?
Many times it talks about love stories, betrayal, infidelity
Do you know what a script is?
I think the script is the written text of movie, broadcast etc.
What do you know about Asthma?
I know that Asthma is a disease which made breathing difficult, it usually results from an allergic reaction or other forms of hypersensitivity.
The different characters are, Mario, Angela, The Doctor, the nurse, Mario’s son, Mario ex girlfriend.  Mario’s problems are to convince his girlfriend to stay with him and to help his son to feel good.  The doctor fell in love with Mario’s ex-girlfriend.

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