I think in this situation everyone should be responsible…(Iuliia)

Dear Mario,

I saw how deeply you took care of your child in the soap opera and I think you would be a really good father for him. As for me,  I’ve never had to deal with asthma, but I sincerely sympathize with those people who themselves or their relatives have asthma, because having asthma is a real life difficulty for them.

Despite of the lack an experience with this disease now I, like all other people of our planet, am dealing with no less dangerous threat in 2020 that is virus,  called coronavirus.

I think in this situation everyone should be responsible and to take more care not only of yourself but of other people too. It means that our top priority these days is to protect people by staying at home and thus not to allow virus to spread. These simple actions can also help to protect doctors, who are doing an important job in saving people’s lives.



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